she heals collective

Daughter of

the Mountain

7 day re-naturing immersion

spanish pyrenees

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Oct 16 - 22, 2024

an enchanting landscape where your deepest thirst for living is quenched in the steady magnificence of nature’s fertile reflection.

Where woman returns to nature, and nature returns to the woman

Daughter of the Mountain is a cellular return to the origin of your essence. A gathering of collective beauty & inspirational sister-ship, in the unwavering presence & strength of the Mountains

not a “retreat”

but a “returning”

A transcendent melting into the essence of your wild & boundless nature free of identities, roles, and expectations - we remember where we came from & why were here

desnuda tu alma

”undress your soul”

7 days of ceremony

Ritual ~ Regulation ~ Receptivity ~ Rapture

grab a cuppa tea

& read on with a present heart

Monte Perdido




discover a

hidden sanctuary

woman to woman, we will commune with the mythology of the land and the ancestral spirits of the mountains known in greek mythos as “the ourea” - the lost mountain of monte perdido invites us to undress our soul and reclaim our wild woman skin

Are the whispers touching your soul?

keep reading...

Monte Perdido




casa caudrau

our ecological temple in the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees

”I have been in many places, seen many cities, walked many mountains, always looking for that place where you wish you could stay forever, that refuge where nothing scares you. I can tell you that I have found that place here in Casa Cuadrau.”

the experience

Women’s Temples

Satsang Circles

1 Day Yin Silence

yin yoga

dance, poetry, prayer

tea ceremony

Ceremonial nude Art

mountain pilgrimages

Sunrise/Sunset Rituals

More info on the itinerary & all workshops are provided on the next stage of the application. Buttons for this are at the bottom of this page.

a 30 min connection call will offer you the opportunity to connect with our Lead Facilitator and Event Director, Alexis Sabatino. She will illuminate the deeper intentions of this experience and provide both the logistical and ceremonial details of this one-in-a-lifetime women's gathering.

Monte Perdido




the women

lead facilitator | creative director


3/5 Emotional Mani Gen

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An International Facilitator, and Founder of She Heals Collective, Alexis has been leading, organizing and facilitating groups for 15 years. She has the extraordinary gift of bringing women together for a unified purpose - to evolve & flourish. Alexis is a Spanish romance novel in a woman’s body - her presence is passionate, poetic and warms like an ancient fire, stoking the light within the darkness. She knows how to weave and catalyze the magic of a group field, that leaves every woman in the space feeling wild, inspired, connected. Alexis will be guiding the group in & through the ceremony of devotional women’s temple throughout the immersion; from dance to meditation to poetry and beyond.

operations | spiritual concierge


1/3 Sacral Generator

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An International Beauty Maker, and Energy Alchemist, Claire specializes in harmonising the flow of energy in the seen & unseen realms. She is a master at translating the mystic into the physical plane. She has a very unique & efficient way of bringing balance/beauty into all spaces she touches. Claire’s presence is soft, playful, ethereal, & deeply refined. She weaves her impeccable gift of energy ritual to ensure the vibration supports the intention of our journeys. Claire will be the keeper of our 7 day hearth, our ritual fire keeper.

ceremonial photographer | doula


1/3 Self Projected Projector

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An International Photographer from the Netherlands, Anne Sarah has the rare gift of awakening the raw beauty and essence of a woman. She specializes in offering Cacao Ceremonies and Ceremonial photoshoots around the world. She embodies the frequency of primal motherhood so exceptionally that it strips away inauthenticity and leaves you with an overwhelming sense of love & truth, that will touch you to your core. Anne Sarah will be our mountain doula, holding space for the seen & unseen magic - while simultaneously capturing the most sacred & poetic moments like an invisible angel.

This is for you if...

  • You are a creature of ritual, ceremony & intentional living or long to remember your ritualistic roots

  • You desire to deepen into the feminine temple arts of dance, song, poetry, prayer & earth based spirituality

  • You want to bathe yourself into the subtleties, stillness, sanctuary & sacred spaces within & without

  • You want to submerge yourself into a field of beauty, enchantment & awe

  • You crave a circle of women that can hold, activate and celebrate your unfiltered, primal womanhood

  • You feel inspired to undress your soul, and exchange the external striving for embodied pleasure & peace

  • You are a lover of wild nature and untouched landscapes; with a longing to regulate your body/soul with the elements.

  • You are being called back to your ancestral wisdom & soul blueprint

  • You feel radically inspired by the idea of spending 7 days in ceremony with a group of international women

this intentionally curated experience includes

3 daily organic meals & snacks

6 nights & 7 days accommodation

Airport transfers to & from Barcelona to the venue

all workshops, temples, yoga, tea ceremony & excursions

small curated photo album of the experience

opening group zoom circle (30 days before)

integration zoom circle (2 weeks after)

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Long term Payment plans are available,

click HERE to see payment options


whether you are new to the She Heals community or you have been with us for a long time, we have a 4 step process of application. please click below for more information & pricing for the immersion.

But please do not secure your place by paying the deposit just yet!


Immerse your senses in what we are offering; review & feel the call of the immersion. If you are ready to know more click LEARN MORE for accommodation, experience, itinerary & pricing.


If you are feeling the call to join Daughter of the Mountain after reading all the information & pricing, click APPLICATION to complete our questionnaire. Once you have completed the questions you will schedule an intimate 1-1 call with alexis to discuss your placement in the immersion & share any questions


Once you have read all our terms & conditions, then you can make your deposit or pay in full, click SECURE MY SPACE and we will send instructions on how to access your personal trip page.

Once your deposit is paid you will gain access to your personal trip page. you will have access to your itinerary, also allowing you to take care of any required payments and tasks, such as organizing your travel insurance and booking your flights! :) before the immersion. You can also download the app and have up to date access and updates on your phone.

If you have any questions pease don't hesitate to contact us on

Please ensure you have read our terms & conditions.


sample itinerary


7:00 | am ritual

9:00 | breakfast

11:00 | free time


12:00 | workshop

1:30 | lunch

3:00 | free time


5:00 | workshop

7:00 | dinner

8:30 | pm ritual

above is an example of what a day in the immersion will look like

keep in mind that our daily flow will change depending on our intention/focus

you can find more information on our schedule highlights below.

beauty is the reason for life

and life is the reason for beauty

beauty is our nature.

Richard Rudd


to your


she heals collective

Photographer & Director of women’s nude photos & video art, all rights reserved to Anne Sarah Dijkhorst @annesarahphotography & Milva Velghe Willemsen design @milvamimi


Which airport do we fly into?

Barcelona International. From there you will take a taxi to the hotel meeting space where the venue transport will pick up the group on the morning of October 16th, and drive you to our venue in the Pyrenees. Transports to and from the venue are included in your tuition. However, you will be required to arrive at the central meeting point to catch the group transport.

do i need travel insurance?

Yes! Travel insurance is a requirement of this immersion; in the case that there is an emergency and you are unable to participate or have flight delays, your travel insurance will cover your expenses. once you have secured your deposit, you will be asked to upload your personal travel insurance info your private “trip page” for our team to review.

do I need to arrive earlier than October 16?

For those coming from outside of Europe, we recommend arriving 1-2 days before the immersion begins so you can integrate your flight and timezone change. Barcelona is a magical city filled with local Spanish delights! We will provide you with some insider tips and best hotel to book when you arrive and or depart.

will i be able to use my phone?

Our venue is located in a remote part of Spain with limited signal and wifi. Additionally we recommend that you turn your phone on airplane mode to offer yourself the nutritive gift of digital detox. However, there is some wifi available for those who need to connect with their family from day to day. We do want to emphasize that outside of family connection, we are encouraging minimal phone time during this re-naturing experience.

what is the age group for this?

Our intention is to curate a group of women from all ages, expressing the range of womanhood from maiden to mother to crone - sharing in a celebration of our seasons, textures, beauty and wisdom. Indulging our senses in the many essences of woman and honoring each other beyond age, nationality or “role.” We will be meeting each other not in “what we do” but in who we are beneath the many identities we live in.

how is the weather in October?

The weather in the Pyrenees this time of year is gorgeous! The foliage will be changing from green to gold to red and the sun will keep us warm in the day, while nights will be cool and cozy by the fire. Please expect to pack layers as the temperature will vary from morning to evening.

will there be free time?

yes! we have crafted an experience that allows for spaciousness, silence, stillness, and also deep communal connection. Throughout the day there will be moments for you to relax with a book, walk through the forest, meditate alone, or connect with the other women on the terrace. This immersion is not focused on how much we “do” but rather how deeply we are “being.”

how many facilitators are present?

We are a team of 3 women, each with our own unique gifts and intentions for this immersion - our bond is deep and our energies very complimentary. You will feel completely held and supported by our village of woman. In addition, the incredible women at Casa Caudrau weave their own presence and love into our food, our space and our mountain excursions.

Do i have to participate in the nude shoot?

No - Your consent is always central to everything we do together in this immersion. The nude shoot is an opportunity to deepen our union with Body, Earth and sisterhood. It is an experience that will change you forever. The natural “stripping” that occurs is one that each woman will attune to in her own time. You are not obligated to participate in the ceremonial art, and will be honored in however you choose to express yourself.